Working with a dancer to choreograph a 3-act VR experience. Learning a new medium has its challenges. Click and drag!

Fun Fact: Anthony Daniels, the voice of C3PO in Star Wars was a guest critic at a recent class, and enjoyed our project.


New in Town

Created a book in Professor Charlee Brodsky's Photographic Narrative class. Reflected on my summer and tried to translate the chaotic experience to a simple kid's book format.


Murder at the Lake

I was given a 40 page news article about a brutal triple-homicide stabbing that occurred decades ago in Waco, Texas. Still unsolved, the case continues to haunt the families of the victims, investigators, and the city at large. One of the suspects was executed by the state, but after a retrial, Texas is not sure they had the right person. I created 3 illustrations that aim to capture the spirit of the story. The visual style was inspired by Saul Bass and Ben Shahn.




Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon)

One of the only times I've cried during a movie - when watching the French film Le Ballon Rouge (1956). It follows the adventures of a boy and his pet balloon as they wander Paris. I reinterpreted the story through a four-panel illustration based on my summer in New York City.


Revolutionary Suicide Album Cover

Philadelphia hip-hop artist B.L. Shirelle asked me to create an album cover for her song Revolutionary Suicide about dismantling current power structures. Unfortunately, due to record label politics, it was never officially released.


HTML Woodblock Print

My goal was to unite a modern form of language (code) and an ancient form (letters carved from wood). I wanted to create a conversation between the past and the present.