Paint the Pavement


Paint the Pavement


Paint the Pavement is a national program that rallies communities to paint murals on busy street intersections. These murals have been shown to improve pedestrian safety. Unfortunately, the application packet is difficult to understand.


Created an application packet that delivers the information in more manageable chunks. I created a distinctive brand identity that can appeal to both parents and children.


Information hierarchy


The original packet was redundant and difficult to navigate. We worked in small groups to think about the information hierarchy.



After this exercise, I brainstormed the visual style, based on the keywords Playful, Pittsburgh, and Movement. I settled on a whimsical, children's book inspired look and feel. I wanted to appeal to both parents and children.




One of my biggest challenges was finding a balance between illustration and typography.




In addition to the application packet, I would need a way to generate excitement in the school. A playful poster would engage children and capture their imagination.