Paint the Pavement



Paint the Pavement

Paint the Pavement is a national program that chose Pittsburgh as its host city for 2017. The program rallies communities to paint murals on busy street intersections. These murals have been shown to improve pedestrian safety.


Helping a national program unscramble its application process and create a more cohesive brand identity


Created an application packet that delivers the information in more manageable chunks. Created a brand identity that appeals to a wide audience.


Identifying Core Values


One of the project themes was the interplay between micro and macro. Everything started small - we explored icons and wordmarks as an entry to the larger system. The class collaborated to to answer the question What is a community? We then divided up the keywords we generated and translated them into icons. 


Information Design


We received the original application packet which was redundant and hard to navigate. We parsed through the material in small groups, tackling questions like "What were the most important things to communicate? What should be the order?"


Pages from the original packet.


After this exercise, I brainstormed the visual style, based on the keywords Playful, Pittsburgh, and Movement.


I settled on a whimsical, children's book inspired look and feel.


Defining the Audience and the Broader System


I anchored my solution around neighborhood elementary schools. My thinking was that the principal and teachers would see the benefit in rallying kids around a common goal. In addition, they would have access to the parents and art teachers. If they could get the kids on board, then parents would follow. If parents felt their kids were at risk walking to school, they would want to take action.


Visual Style


In addition to the application packet, I would need a way to generate excitement in the school. A playful poster would engage children and capture their imagination.


What I Learned

  • How to identify core values of an organization

  • How to translate core values into a visual style

  • How to create a distinctive brand personality that speaks to a large audience


My full process can be found here.