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Motion & Sound


Motion & Sound Design

REEL coming soon!

I love creating my own sound for my motion work. It gives me greater control (and helps me avoid copyright infringement!).

The fold

I created a short animation using only the pages of a magazine. I then used those pages to create original sound design.


IVY (Life as a virtual assistant)

I explored the boundary between AI and humans by creating an animation about the life of a humble virtual assistant. I wrote, shot, edited, and sound designed the video. I also voiced the virtual assistant. Special thanks to Mira Li for additional voice acting.



My goal was to bring to life mundane objects by giving them the commercial video and sound treatment. I shot/edited the footage and recorded all the sounds from scratch.


Installation/Spatial Graphics

Collaborated with Noah Johnson to create original animations for a launch event for Inter•Punct, a student-run architecture journal.