Lunar Gala



Lunar Gala



Lunar Gala is one of the largest fashion events in Pittsburgh, having sold out over 1200 seats each year of its existence. I was part of the creative team (Print, Web, Brand, and Experience) that was tasked with developing the theme of the show.


For 10 months, I led a team of designers (Anna Gusman, Hee Seo Chun, Youjin Nam, Lukas Hermann, and Marisa Lu) to translate the theme into promotional and in-show videos. You can see the full show here.


Runway + Narrative Graphics


Photos by Wilson Chan

In addition to the runway graphics, the team and I crafted 6 short videos that established the Ferox brand as well as a narrative arc. They enhanced the brand and helped draw the audience further into the world we had created. I directed Marisa and Anna to develop visuals in Processing and Unity and Hee Seo and Juliana to make assets in Cinema4D. I directed Lukas in creating generative runway graphics.


Promotional Content


Next up was establishing the brand in the public eye. CMU student Alexander Panos composed the music, which we translated into abstract visuals. These visuals follow the Ferox story arc - introduction to the Federation-controlled galaxy, the submission of the humans, hints of rebellion, a wistful look into what it means to be human, a rebellion, and then a final showdown.


My team's first deliverable was the Lunar Gala promo, which I took the reigns of during the summer while my team was spread out around the world. Next up was the timeline video. The purpose of this video was to create an overview on the Lunar Gala website. Here's what it looks like on the website.


Instagram promotional videos


Scalable Brand Language

Ferox means wild or savage in Latin. In order to create a brand experience, we created a story to guide us. In a nutshell, an intergalactic entity called "The Federation" has taken control of Earth and humanity. They're a metaphor for government surveillance. The oppressed humans fight back. The Federation and the humans clash at the end, and but The Federation wins. This story helped us create a visual language that evolves over time.

 Ferox Website by Sara Remi Fields, Alex Yeh, Deniz Sokullu, Stephen Chung, and Shannon Lin

Ferox Website by Sara Remi Fields, Alex Yeh, Deniz Sokullu, Stephen Chung, and Shannon Lin

 Poster by the Print Team

Poster by the Print Team


Selected Process

Prototyping for motion design has some unique challenges. Production of assets takes longer than other mediums, so rough storyboarding and other intermediate steps are crucial. 


First storyboard for the in-show "narrative" videos.

Second storyboard for the in-show "narrative" videos.


The theme promo video needed a story arc to anchor its abstract imagery.



  • Leading a team (5 people)
  • Adapting to the needs of the team (had to bring on extra members as needed, getting approval from the board)
  • Making sure all content sticks to the brand. 
  • Telling an abstract story that is still accessible to a large audience.