Lunar Gala


Lunar Gala

Motion Direction + Video Editing + Branding



Lunar Gala is one of the largest fashion events in Pittsburgh, having sold out over 1200 seats in every year of its existence. My task was to work with the creative team (Print, Web, Brand, and Experience) to develop a brand for the show.


During the ten month process, I helped create a cohesive show brand and led a team of designers (Anna Gusman, Hee Seo Chun, Youjin Nam, Lukas Hermann, and Marisa Lu) to create both promotional and in-show videos. You can see the full show here.


What is Ferox?

Ferox, or “wild” in Latin, was the show theme. To add depth to the brand, we created a backstory - a power struggle between an all-powerful Federation and a group of blobular beings.


The Runway

I provided creative direction for Lukas to create generative runway backdrop videos. Photography by Wilson Chan & Brian Tao.


Other Promotional Content

Promotional content was equally spaced out over the 10 month period - first the general show, then the show with the new theme. We reached our fans on both Facebook and Instagram.


Early Promos


Instagram Countdown Promos


In-Show Narrative Videos

In addition to runway backgrounds, we created 6 interstitial videos that flesh out the Ferox world. I synthesized visuals from Marisa and Anna (Processing.org and Unity) and Hee Seo and Juliana (Cinema4D).


The Brand

The teams collaborated to maintain a consistent brand through web, print, motion, and the physical event space.

Ferox Website by the web team

Ferox Website by the web team

Ferox poster by the print team

Ferox poster by the print team