Motion Designer





Delicious Data

Vector Animation, Character Rigging

A short animation inspired by the article "Are New York’s Free LinkNYC Internet Kiosks Tracking Your Movements?" published by The Intercept.


Au Revoir Les Animaux

Puppetry + French Narration + Storytelling

“Goodbye Animals.” I wanted to practice French and learn shadow puppets. So I wrote a post-apocalyptic love story. It was exhibited at Art Plug’s Running Late show in Boston.


Murder at the Lake


This was a class assignment. Given a random news article, we had to create an illustration. Using the illustration style of Saul Bass and Ben Shahn, I illustrated a forty-page newspaper article about a triple-homicide stabbing that occurred in Waco, Texas. A retrial of the case revealed that Texas may have executed an innocent person.



Virtual Reality, Creative Direction

In collaboration with classmates Soonho Kwon and Sophie Chen, I created a dance performance choreographed and recorded for 360˚ VR viewing. This is a three part, standing experience. Special thanks to Julia Luo (our dancer), and professor John Dessler. This piece was presented at the Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center Showcase (2018).