Doblin is a design consultancy inside of Deloitte that works on high-level, long-term, design problems. I worked on a team of designers and business consultants from both Doblin and Deloitte to help a Fortune 100 health insurance company redefine its role in the patient-provider experience.


I helped create current/future-state journey maps and materials for field research. I traveled bi-weekly to client and field research sites around the U.S. You can read about my experience hereNote: Due to an NDA, there's a limit to what I can show from this project.


Bringing Research to Life

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I joined the project during the field research stage. This gave me the opportunity to engage with the client, patients, and doctors at various locations around the country. Working off of the personas that the team had developed, I collaborated with other designers to bring them to life. This helped the client develop empathy for the different stakeholders.

Part of the challenge of Doblin/Deloitte was acclimating to two cultures - consulting and healthcare. In order to collaborate with my team, I needed to develop a baseline understanding of the jargon and the systems involved. The health insurance system is fractured and involves stakeholders with radically different agendas. This makes it a complex design problem.


Service Design Visual Language


I collaborated with another designer to develop a visual language for our service design work. I knew that I wouldn't be there for the whole project, so we chose the vector style in order to be able to easily hand off our work to other designers. They are still in use today on the project!


Journey Maps


We used our icon library to help the client iterate through ways they could add value to their service. We created visuals that plotted the journey of stakeholders with varying ages and health. These "journey maps"  included both current-state (pink) - highlighting the pain points of the contemporary service - and future-state (green) - focusing on how things could be. 

Working with the team to develop journey maps that accommodate multiple stakeholders

Working with the team to develop journey maps that accommodate multiple stakeholders


What I Learned

  • How to work on a long-term, internal project

  • How to use work-in-progress to communicate with a client

  • How to explain my design thought process to professionals outside of the field of design